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Free Retro Textures

Free Light Leak Texture Pack

The pack contains 15 light leak textures of varying shapes, sizes and orientations. Some slightly creep in from the edge while others cover half the image, but they’re all created with vibrant colours to give your photos the bright light leak effect commonly seen in lomography and old photos from the 70′s

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14 High Resolution Vintage Film Textures

Here is a superb collection of film textures from the guys over @ lostandtaken, all of the textures were created from 19th century Daguerreotype photographs that are available in the public domain. They are free to download, simply click on the images to download them.

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Free Photoshop Brushes

15 Cloud Brushes for Photoshop

Here we have 15 cloud brushes for photoshop compacted into an .abr file ready for you to use for free with no limitations. All of the brushes are great quality and have been meticulously created with none of the dreaded square edges you find with most photoshop brushes.

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Grunge Photoshop Brushes

9 High Resolution Texture Photoshop Brushes (2500×2500)

Here we have a fantastic brush set that we have created stuffed with some very useful high resolution texture photoshop brushes that are ready for you to apply directly to your artwork, no thresholding and no altering levels. The brushes have been created from some fabric textures that I posted on Inspiration Hut on Jun 14th 2012, the textures come with no copyright or restrictions on how you use them, as does this brush set.

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Create an Awesome Vintage Photo From an Everyday Image in Photoshop Tutorial

The days where we fixate on making things look authentically vintage is upon us, and everybody is giving it a go, even us Photographers and Designers. Our designs and photo-manipulations will at one point purposely be created to look older than it actually is, this tutorial should hopefully help you along the way.

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Photoshop Button Tutorial

Modern and Clean Navigation Button Tutorial for Photoshop + Button Download

In this Photoshop button tutorial I will show you how to create your very own clean navigation button, also available for you down the very bottom of the page is the source file, so if you just want to download the button, customize it and use it how you wish, go ahead! but for the rest of you, take a look at the following steps.

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Free Chalkboard Business Card Template Design

This simple, professional yet effective 2 sided chalkboard business card template comes with a highly detailed chalk board background, and is accompanied by some fantastic free fonts that complete the effect professionally and correctly. The overall design is very easy to edit, below are the details.

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Dirty Photoshop Brushes

7 Fantastic Gritty and Dirty Photoshop Brushes

Here is another fantastic brush set packaged and launched from our little factory of Photoshop wonder, this particular brush set contains some awesome dirty Photoshop brushes and should add some great texture and grittiness to your pieces. This actual brush set derived from a texture pack that we launched a couple of days ago.

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17 Creative High Resolution Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

I’m really proud of how these particular watercolor Photoshop brushes turned out, they are each high in quality and partner with some fantastic details! I hope you guys like them as much as I do.
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Free Photoshop Grunge Brush Set

6 Subtle Grunge Brushes for Photoshop

Our first grunge brush set went down really well, so I decided to make more great grunge brushes for you guys! These, just like the first set really show up on darker backgrounds, but can add great subtle effects to your designs on a brighter background. Enjoy, share and credit.

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Grunge Photoshop Brush Pack

10 Free High Quality Grunge Brushes for Photoshop

I have spent most of the day perfecting these beautiful free Photoshop grunge brushes for you guys, the pack comes with 10 high quality photoshop brushes that can be used a million ways. They work best on darker backgrounds, and can add great character to your designs. See the below preview images for a prime example.

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iPhone 5 Mockup / Template PSD File

To celebrate the recent launch of the new iPhone 5 here is a free PSD file containing an iPhone 5 mockup prepped with all the appropriate layers so you can show off your new app designs appropriately. Show us what you do with it!

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Rising Sun Photoshop Brush Pack

Vector and Textured Rising Sun Photoshop Brush Pack

I can guarantee that at one stage of your design career a basic rising sun brush pack just like this one will come in handy! These brushes are what is often referred to as the “rising sun” effect. But what makes this brush pack unique is the textures that I have built into the brushes. The larger brush directly below is 2500 x 2500.

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10 High Quality Hand-Drawn Arrow Brushes for Photoshop

There has been many occasions that I have been in the situation where I have needed a Photoshop brush set stuffed with Arrow Brushes, in particular hand-drawn arrows. I could have easily made them myself, but things like this spoil that moment your churning out work. There are hand-drawn arrows available online, but none in this style. So I hope that these make a great addition to your collection.

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High Quality Seamless Wood and Metal Photoshop Patterns (PAT)

Here are two photoshop patterns that I had made about a year ago, taken a picture of some wood and corrugated metal from my back garden and after a lot of tinkering, here are the results! turned out fantastic and I’m sure that you can find a use for them. Enjoy.

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Creative and Free Facebook Timeline Cover Design (PSD)

Facebook has recently introduced the timeline cover (the large header image that you can now insert above your timeline) designers are using this space to its full advantage, simply by advertising themselves. Here I have created a Free Facebook Timeline Cover that you can edit however you wish using Photoshop and smart objects.

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Bright, Colorful and Modern Free Business Card PSD Template

Business Cards can be quite tedious to design, and to try and fit all your creativity into such a small space can seriously make you crackers. Within this Free Business Card PSD File there are many color combinations that you can create, all color layers are set to overlay so you can combine various colors together to make a completely unique outcome. Below are a few examples.

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Paper Shopping Bag PSD File

I made this bag psd file a while ago for a marketing kit that I made for Graphic River, and thought it turned out pretty cool and could have a million and one uses (over exaggerated) but heck, here you go fellow ‘hutters’.

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Free PSD Navigation Bar

Free Clean and Modern Website Navigation PSD File

This beautiful clean and modern navigation psd bar can be overlaid onto any color, any texture, and can still pop out and help navigate users around your website in style. Show us it in action! we would love to see.

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Paper Shadows

7 Paper Shadow Photoshop Effects (PSD File)

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8 High Resolution Gritty and Grunge Textures with Transparent Backgrounds

More and more people are using textures to bring there work back into the past, by that I mean they are using textures to make there work look older and more authentic than what they actually are. Below is a collection of transparent PNG grunge textures that are free to use and with no restrictions. Simply click on the image to download, or download the zip file at the bottom of the page.

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5 High Resolution Scanned Grunge Textures

I am a massive lover of gritty and dirty textures, you can probably witness that a mile off by checking out my portfolio. Below, are the results of an experiment that started a while back on Mintees.com, various members decided to scan their empty scanner and created some fantastic grunge textures that I still use today.

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Free High Resolution Mock-up Ready Texture Images

Whilst mocking up some business cards for a client, I found that It was quite difficult to get my hands on some decent high quality surface images, when I say ‘surface images’ I mean quite simply texture images of various surfaces just like below! Of course I could have made them in Photoshop, but heck, I was having a lazy day. Use these how you will, would be great of you to spread the usefulness to others. The download contains 6 different images, 3 black and white and 3 original colour (tan/sepia).

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3 Free High Res Paper Textures

Paper textures are great, and as a designer myself I use them consistently as textures to overlay my custom lettering. Here are some of the fantastic high res paper textures that I use more than any others, and they are ones that I scanned for myself. Each image here is set @ 400dpi with a height of 3726px and a width of 2754px, below are some preview images, simply click on the image to download the full size. Enjoy

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3 High Resolution Free Fabric Textures (JPG)

Here we have 3 high resolution free fabric textures for you guys to use and abuse. They are quite simply a scan of a tri-blend t-shirt of mine and home some fantastic details which can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

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